Born in 1993 in Tokyo. He creates his work with numerous methods including anime, painting and animation- installations. In all of his work, He use the motif of illustrated boys and girls. When he draw the characters, they always have a big face, small mouth, distorted body and big eyes. This design is influenced by Japanese animation and traditional dolls like the “kokeshi." Probably these dolls will be described as “kawaii” - the now famous Japanese word meaning "It's so cute!" or simply the adjective "cute." He too love things that get the “Kawaii!” praise; He think the sensibilities behind kawaii sum up the Japanese culture and aesthetics. A typical character in Japanese art does not always express emotions in an obvious way. And even if something is kawaii, it could be conveying negative feelings. Often in Japanese art, toning down the expression and making it difficult to read the character's emotion are ways to express sadness and sorrow.