Vivi Cho’s works are always about love, dreams and fairytales. Inspired by the Japanese "wave" with Mangas and Animes, the Korean artist developed her own iconic style and characters. The character of little girl or boy appear a lot in her paintings, inspired from her own family members; in which the artist expresses her most sensitive and sentimental observation of the world, no matter sorrow or happiness. The animals accompany the kids are considered like their protectors against the darkness in the reality. With an innocent and childish perspective, Vivi uses her brush to capture perfectly the dream-like scenarios. The use of bright and high-contrasted colors pumped the image with energy and vitality and brings the spectators on a fantastic and dreamy journey.
Vivi Cho is a Korean artist who was born in 1983. After obtaining her BA and MA at Kyunggi University in Seoul, the artist began her professional career from Korea to international. Her solo exhibitions including ‘BUT I NEVER STOPPED LOVING YOU’ at Art Space H, Seoul, Korea, 2021; CHUNGJARK FINE ART AWARD Solo Show, Scope Miami, Miami Beach, 2015. Her works have been presented in art fairs in Korea, USA, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Vivi's artworks are also collected by important institutions and collectors such as Art Bank National Museum of Contemporary Art, The Metropolitan Museum Data collections and The Museum of Sex & Health in Jeju.