Landscape in Paris: Solo Show of Chang Tengyuan

23 May - 3 June 2023

"After millions of years following the apocalypse, the extraterrestrial beings known as Parrotman arrived on post-apocalyptic Earth. Through archaeology, they studied the civilization of the past humans, seeking to understand the essence of human culture."


CHANG Tengyuan has been using science fiction as a method to delve into contemporary art since 2012, exploring the absurdities of our environment. In the Parrotman world created by CHANG Tengyuan, they are a group of life forms from a distant planet who arrived on post- apocalyptic Earth. By imitating human behavior, they seek to understand human behavior. However, sometimes being in a state of conjecture, they often misunderstand human civilization. The artist deliberately employs "misunderstanding" as an element to highlight various absurd and interesting scenes in contemporary society. CHANG Tengyuan believes that his work does not provide a conclusion, but rather offers a platform for reflection, allowing viewers to connect their own life experiences through his work and construct their own post-apocalyptic story, while also acting as a prophecy for the future.


In this exhibition, CHANG Tengyuan employs the unique Eastern mobile perspective to depict the Parisian scenes of a new world in the future. In this world, the Parrotman imitates the Parisian activities they are familiar with, such as reading on the grass, sipping coffee, enjoying the sunshine, sitting by the river to read, or encountering new breeds of dinosaurs cultivated by Parrotman in the suburbs. This series of works is paired with traditional Eastern mounting techniques, attempting to combine Eastern and Western cultures to create a new form.