A Dream within A Dream: Solo show of Beiqiqi

13 - 23 September 2023

Dear collectors,


Maison Ozmen is thrilled to present you the second solo show of our represented artist Beiqiqi in the Parisian gallery space. For this show, we will present you 10 incredible new works by the artists, which will bring you inside the wonderland in color and dreams. Visiting the show is like stepping into a huge storybook, where visitors take on various adventures with the iconic character “cloud girl”.


The cloud girl is inspired by the Japanese drama Elegance Ev. The heroine in the drama wears a mask, then takes off the mask and wears afro hair. Beiqiqi thought that taking off the mask means letting go of others’ expectations and becoming one’s true self. The visual image of Afro hair, which contains the meaning of self-liberation, was interpreted as a cloud. The cloud, as a symbol of one’s inner self and soul, means gentle healing and stability.


The artist said, “I seek a little sense of belonging and self- forgiveness under the clouds. The cloud girl in the painting travels through time and space, bringing fragments of memories she has read, heard, and felt to a surreal space. Despite her clouded head, all wounds and damaged memories are healed, and she grows brave in her memory and imagination. I hope many people will come out of their clouds, be themselves and live the life of their dreams freely.”