Bole : Solo Show of Jun Oson

22 November - 9 December 2023

Maison Ozmen is pleased to present the solo show of Japanese artist Jun Oson at the Parisian gallery space from 24th November to 9th December 2023. This time, we will present you 11 brand new works from the artist, illustrating a palyful world with the iconic characters. In the series, 4 classic character portraits will also be presented. You are all welcome to step into the gallery space to capture the amazing details of each work.


Jun Oson was born in 1979 in Aichi, Japan and started his career as an illustrator in 2005.Characters with a peanut-shaped feature were created at that time. His artworks have astateless style based on the influence of manga and animations that he has been unconsciouslyinfluenced since childhood, with elements from Western artists. It may be similar to the waythe Japanese, who maintained a unique culture, are being influenced by the West to createa more special culture. In addition to people with various skin colors, monsters and robotsappear in his works. “Diversity” is something he has always had since he started his career andis fundamental to his values. He has done a lot of work as an illustrator and has become knownto many people in Japan.


Jun Oson has presented his works as an artist at several individual and group exhibitions upto now, but his 2019 solo exhibition “Share Land” in Beijing and his 2020 solo exhibition“DISTANCE” in Diesel, Tokyo, have shown that he has changed from an illustrator to anartist. Now, his impressive works, such as layered works and works molded into contours, getpeople’ s attention not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.