Lotta is a self-taught painter, and started her career as an artist in 2017 based in Tokyo. In the early days of her career, she focused on ink paintings. Currently, she has been working on line drawings and acrylic paintings. In 2020, Lotta created her original character, “Socks”, a ghost cat. Socks has now become the significant figure within her works, embodying the stories living in Lotta's head and sometimes becoming a self-portrait projecting Lotta herself.


Lotta has been strongly influenced by western cartoons and Japanese animation she watched in her childhood which leads to her current style of drawing and painting that creates the impression of "nostalgic" that many people can empathize with.


Also, Lotta's obsession with the idea of "sound" has a strong impact on her artworks. The creatures and still lifes she draws/paints are accurately captured by the moment of their reaction and their movements. This gives a sense of realistic sensation that the "sounds" of these moments in her paintings can be vividly imagined and almost heard by the observer. The characters drawn with delicately modulated lines play lively on the canvas and let the viewer imagine the front and back of the scene cut out by the painting.


Within Lotta's work, there is a strangely satisfying coexistence between the matt(e) smooth textures painted carefully and the genuine curves drawn playfully. This relations between the texture and the curves are highly addictive, and that is one of the remarkable characteristics of her work.


Lotta has been developing a wide range of activities including tattoo designs, collaborations with apparel brands, live-painting, and so on. Her sense in design and in the spontaneous impulsiveness resonates with her artworks, building up her own individuality.