Born 1985 in Macau. 

Bibi Lei is a self-taught artist. She has a mixed culture of her European Chinese background and has bravely made a name in the art world.


Born in Macao, Bibi Lei is a Portuguese Chinese artist based in Tokyo. She enjoys painting and caring for her 4-year-old daughter, describing herself as a child-like soul that never grows old.  


Painting primarily with her fingers to express free will and pureness, her works feature the common element of an original character who acts more like a superhero girl - being brave and exploring the unknown world of fantasies in the world Lei has created for her. 


Dreamy, Colorful, Child-like, Love, Hope, and Joy are the words to describe the art of Bibi Lei. Her art focuses on expressing colors as they exist within her mesmerising art universe - intuitively seeing a colorful world full of good purity & wonders.