Yishu Wang is Beijing based artist who has been making dreamy portraits of little girls. She lived many places in her life so far. She spent 6 years in Japan during her childhood, 4 years in Xi’an for college study, another 4 years in the US for further study and achieved MFA. By the influence from all over the world, she begins to get know more about herself, and gradually find her own direction and style. She pursued developing her inner emotion and concept, bringing them into her own visual language on the canvases.


The little girls show in my works, they are the portrait of my self-exploration, they are children and yet they are not. They are my past, also the present. They belong to my dreams, but the dreams reveal the trace of reality. Therefore my works don’t have the specific time or the places. They are dreams without any definition. The girls looking through out of the paintings, it could be me, it also could be you.